The Learning Channel

The Learning Channel is a cable TV network in the US and Canada, that carries a array of informative and reality-based programs. Discovery Communications has owned The Learning Channel since 1991. Discovery Communications also operates Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel, in addition to other learning-themed networks.

Due to ties between The Learning Channel's parent company and the BBC, The Learning Channel introduces a noteworthy amount of programs from the UK, such as Junkyard Wars. Also, The Learning Channel produces U.S. versions of some shows, such as What Not to Wear. Of course, The Learning Channel also airs original programming, such as Robotica.

The Learning Channel came out in 1972, originally focused on providing information and instruction through TV. The channel mainly included documentary programming on topics including science, nature, current events, history, technology, medicine, home improvement, cooking.

The Discovery Channel purchased The Learning Channel in 1991, with the intention of "jazzing it up." Throughout the 1990s, The Learning Channel continued to focus mostly on educational and informational material, but it also began to air less-educational shows geared towards mass-marketing and popular consumption.

The Learning Channel even distanced itself from its original name, and began advertising itself as only "TLC" in 1998.

Between 1999 and 2001, the programming shifted its focus greatly. Most programs focused on reality-drama and interior design. This resulted in the major triumph of mostly non-educational shows, including Junkyard Wars, Trading Spaces, A Baby Story, and Wedding Story.

On March 27, 2006, the channel introduced a new look and marketing campaign. It dropped its "Life Unscripted" tagline for the new "Live and learn" tagline. The Learning Channel began trying to turn around its reliance on reality TV and decorating shows. Along with the new campaign, the network began occasionally reusing its original name, The Learning Channel.

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