Taking Children Seriously

Ironically, adults can best raise children by NOT treating them as children. Parents want to raise children into self-sufficient adults that can take care of themselves, and who the world can take seriously. Well, you cannot raise capable adults by continuously treating children as incapable while you raise them. Instead, we can best raise capable adults by taking children seriously (TCS).

Taking Children Seriously - They Become What You Treat Them As

This common-sense reality works very simply. Adults behave in the same way they learned to behave as children.

If you make all the decisions for your child, then your child will fail to make their own decisions as an adult. If you cook for your child everyday for their entire childhood, then the child will not cook for themselves as adults. If you slap the child in the face everyday, then the child will become an adult who allows themselves to be slapped. If you coerce your child and don't respect the same rights as an adult has, then the child will grow into an adult who doesn't have self-respect for their own rights as well as other people's rights.

Where as, if we take children seriously and allow them to make their own decisions, then they grow into adults who know how to make their own decisions.

Taking Children Seriously - A Learning Environment

To best teach your child to take care of themselves as adults, create an environment in their childhood that most resembles the real world. The real world takes adults seriously, so we need to take children seriously. The children need to learn while their parents can still protect the children if needed in emergencies, and can offer the child passive guidance.

Taking children seriously involves both giving them more freedom and less freedom than commonly given.

Firstly, you need to give them the freedoms they would have as an adult. You can give them passive guidance, but do not coerce them into doing what you want. For example, allow them to spend their own money, so that they learn how to manage money and make financial decisions. Allow them to do whatever they wish insofar as they do not offensively harm anyone else or anyone else's property.

By creating a learning environment, children learn how to take care of themselves in the real world. Otherwise, they will behave like children as adults, which will have far greater consequences. Let them make their mistakes now, under the parents watchful eye. If we take children seriously now, they will take themselves seriously later.

Taking Children Seriously - A Worldwide Movement

Taking Children Seriously, TCS, is a global parenting movement and learning philosophy derived from the belief that it is not only possible but also advantageous to raise and teach children without forcing them to do anything against their will and also without doing anything to them against their will.

Please note, some people may say "taking kids seriously" or "take kids seriously" rather than saying "taking children seriously" or "take children seriously."

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