Children's Learning Games

Unschooling makes use of the natural tendency of children to learn. Unschoolers realize that children learn by doing what they want to do. Children can learn while have fun. Parents and their children can embrace that natural tenancy with learning games for kids.

Learning games can facilitate a child's learning process in many ways. For example, learning games can do any of the following:

  • teach a skill
  • understand historical events
  • reinforce development
  • expand concepts

By using learning games, the child associates what he or she learns with everyday life. When getting formal education in school children sometimes don't understand why or how to use what they get taught outside of school.

Learning Games - Out of the Box

You can buy many learning games at the same stores you buy board games and/or video games. Even games not necessarily meant to be educational games still help children learn social skills.

Most board games can help a child learn some basic skills, but some games particularly help develop the child's mind, such as chess, acquire, boggle, scrabble, and upwards.

Children can play video games on a computer or on a video game console such as a Playstation, X-box, or Nintendo. Most people know about the Carmen Sandiego series and the Oregon series. Still, you can find many more video games about a variety of subjects. Of course, video games can become addictive and parents may want to avoid having their children play too many video games, even learning games.

Learning Games - Make Up Your Own

Of course, kids often create their own games. These games can work the best, since a child wouldn't create a game they didn't want to play. Additionally, the very act of creating the game helps the child learn, namely by developing creativity.

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